Why the wounded?

I’m not new to the writing scene. I’ve spent two decades in television, and five years as a published author. I became inspired this year when I read a few sweet and inspirational romance novels. I decided I wanted to tell a tale of love at its most pure.

The first hero that came to me was a soldier who was gravely injured in the war. He’d put his life on the line and come away without one of his limbs. In his mind that loss of limb meant he was no longer a full man and was unworthy of love. The first book in my Wounded Warriors series, “On His Bended Knee,” was my rebuttal to his argument.

I wrote Dylan and Maggie’s story in just two weeks. It was the smoothest writing I’d ever done, because I so disagreed with his perception of himself.

This got me into thinking about other soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect all of us. I know not all of them come back whole. I wanted to tell stories of their healing; with their wounds and with their hearts. With that, the Purple Heart Ranch was born and soldiers who were as lovable as they were brave and courageous started popping up all over the ranch.

These heartfelt stories will come onto the romance market in the Fall of 2018 and I can’t wait for readers to fall hard for these strong men who defy their wounds and grab hold of the happily ever afters!


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