The Brides of Purple Heart Ranch

On His Bended Knee

She needed a place to stay. He needed to save his ranch. Together they just might make a home. 

Sgt. Dylan Banks lost more than just his leg in the war. His fiancée and family turned their backs on him as well. Now, he’s determined to create a safe place where wounded warriors like himself can heal. But a hidden zoning law requires all residents of the Purple Heart Ranch to be married. To save his dream, Dylan and his men will have to tie the knot—but can a man with such deep scars inside and out believe in love again?

 Maggie Shaw lost both her job as a veterinary technician and her apartment on the same day. Who knew her unreasonable landlord would kick her out for being four dogs over the one pet limit? Now, she and her gang of special-needs dogs are in trouble. Then fate puts her in Dylan’s path with a proposal that seems too good to be true—but can her heart bear a loveless marriage of convenience?

 Dylan yearns to reach out for Maggie’s healing touch, but he keeps his distance, convinced his wounds are too deep for her embrace. Maggie sees past Dylan’s injuries, but if she fails to capture his heart they both could lose it all: her beloved animals, his ranch, and each other.

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Hand over his heart

A scholar reaching for her dreams. A hero living on borrowed time. Can she make them a permanent arrangement before his time runs out?

Francisco DeMonti has always been a man with a plan. Though his last plan led to his entire squad being wounded on a mission in Afghanistan. Now he’s seeking redemption by getting all the men in his unit hitched so they can stay together and heal on the Purple Heart Ranch. But his own heart is under lock and key due to the shrapnel around it that could kill him at any moment.

 Eva Lopez has always believed in the power of education. After years of scraping and saving, she finally steps foot onto a college campus only to be yanked away by the mean streets she came from. A local gang threatens her family’s safety until a wounded veteran offers a reprieve: marry a soldier in exchange for protection and the freedom to attend school.

 Fran has every intention of directing Eva towards one of his brothers in arms, men who aren’t in danger of a sudden death, but he can’t resist the brainy brunette and proposes to her himself. He’ll protect for as long as he breathes, but falling in love is futile for a man with a ticking time bomb in his chest. Eva can’t help falling for the man who is making her dreams come true, but when he keeps her at arm’s length, can she convince him to make this marriage more than a convenience no matter how much or how little time they have left?

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Offering His Arm

An ex model struggling to lose the weight. A wounded veteran on a mission to gain her heart. Will they find a balance before time runs out?

Reed Cannon may be a numbers guy but being minus one arm due to enemy fire hasn’t slowed him down. Now he’s faced with a new challenge—find a bride so he can stay on the rehabilitation ranch that has given him and his squad back their lives. With the ranch becoming zoned strictly for families, he’ll have to find a girl, woo her, and marry her in less than two months. Reed turns to a dating app to narrow down the selection of potential brides. The woman who matches him nearly 100% is accessible online, but out of reach in reality. 

 Sarai Austin has done the impossible, she’s found a great guy online. The problem is now he wants to meet in person, and Sarai’s not ready for IRL. Her profile picture was taken three years and thirty pounds ago. To hide her weight issues, she tells Reed she’s out of town on business. All she needs is a couple of months to lose the weight—but she doesn’t count on running into Reed in town.

 After meeting in person, Reed knows Sarai is the one. But as the two grow closer, their insecurities get in the way. Reed isn’t sure he’s enough for her. Sarai is certain she’s too much for him. When the lies and doubts come to a head, will their relationship be over before it has a chance to begin?

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His Permanent Scar

A man with visible scars. A woman hurt by betrayal. Will an unexpected bundle of joy be their cure?

The Army calls Sean Jeffries a hero, but his hesitation to take down a child suicide bomber left dozens wounded and him with a permanent scar. Wracked by nightmares of those he couldn’t save, he’s sworn to live a life of solitude in penance. His only bright spot is his nurse, Ruhi. But when she finds herself in trouble, can Sean step up to be a hero again?

Ruhi Patel’s casual approach to dating leads to men who won’t commit. After her last non-boyfriend not only dumped her, but stole her dream job, Ruhi swears off men. However, she soon learns she’s pregnant. Being a single mom is not part of her plan. So when her favorite patient proposes a platonic marriage of convenience, Ruhi takes it into serious consideration.

After the two say “I do,” feelings begin to grow. But Sean is holding himself back, convinced he doesn’t deserve happiness. And Ruhi is afraid she’s falling for yet another unavailable man. Can these two sidestep heartache and allow themselves to be loved despite their scars?

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Having his back

She yearns to sing a new tune. He wants to mute the past. Can a secret baby bring them into harmony.

Xavier Ramos was always a smooth talker. As an army communications specialist, his gift of gab loosened the lips of informants and helped gain needed intelligence. But the collateral damage of his actions left scars inside and out. He battles his demons with a joking attitude and forced smiles, but gets tongue tied when he meets the daughter he never knew he had. It’s love at first sight for him and his little girl, unfortunately, her mother, the love of his life who he abandoned years ago, is immune to his sweet talk.

Cassie Butler was the quintessential good girl. She sang in the choir on Sundays and followed all the rules until the night she gave herself to the man she thought she would marry. But when Xavier went off to war and never returned, she was left heartbroken and pregnant. Shunned by her parents and community, Cassie has struggled to raise her child on her own. With no child care for her special needs daughter, she hasn’t had it easy and has resolved to never depend on anyone again. And then Xavier shows up in her life again.

His proposal is simple: a platonic marriage of convenience complete with a home and child care. But can she trust the pretty words of the man who broke her heart and abandoned her? For Xavier, opening up to Cassie about the wartime horrors that kept him away from her will be his biggest battle yet. And even if he can get her to trust him, can he convince himself that he is worthy of love again?

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In Over His Head

His duty was to deliver heartbreaking news, but when he heard her song it brought him back to life.

Corporal Brandon Lucas has one goal, tell the family of his brother in arms that their son won’t be coming home. Survivor’s guilt has been keeping him up all day and night, but he hopes shedding his burden and getting some R&R on the Purple Heart Ranch, a rehabilitation retreat for veterans, will get him back in fighting shape so he can re-enlist. Love was not in the plan… until he heard the voice of an angel.

 Reegan Cartwright loves her small town life, especially singing each week in her church choir. It’s been lonely with her parents gone and her twin brother serving overseas, but she still feels deeply connected to him. So when a handsome soldier tells her that her brother is missing and presumed dead, Reegan refuses to believe it. She’s determined to convince Brandon to think with his heart more than his head.

 When tragedy strikes again and the Cartwright family home burns to the ground, Brandon proposes a marriage of convenience to keep Reegan from having to move away from the town she loves. Reegan can’t deny the connection she feels between her and the dutiful corporal. She also can’t help but wonder if his proposal is only due to his guilt? Can the two forge a real relationship or will she be forever singing solo?

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Always on his Mind

When trauma claimed his memories, only her love can guide him to a new future.

After weeks missing in action and presumed dead, Private Reece Cartwright wakes up in a cave in the desert. His only possessions are a worn Bible, a handwritten love letter, and no memories of who he was. He’s eager to return home and reclaim his life and the love of the woman who wrote the letter. Her words give him a peace his ravaged mind and body desperately need—he only wishes he could remember her.

 Beth Barrett has loved her best friend’s brother her whole life but only gets the confidence to tell Reece when he’s overseas serving their country. When her letter gets no response for months, she decides her only chance at a family of her own is to agree to marry the church’s new youth pastor. . . until Reece returns believing the two of them are engaged.

 Reece’s memories are still MIA, but with his family home in ashes, his best shot at a new life is to marry Beth and create a new home together on the Purple Heart Ranch. With a chance at true love so close, can Beth go through with marriage to a man she doesn’t love? Or marry Reece whose memories could resurface at any time and prove their relationship a lie?

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Every Step he Takes

When a wealthy debutante gets caught in a compromising position with a charming soldier, only a fake engagement can save their reputations!

The only way that heiress Honey Dumasse will get out from under her father’s oppressive thumb is a proposal from the town’s most eligible, and wealthy, bachelor. But when her shoe gets stuck in the pavement on the way inside the ball, a handsome soldier comes to her rescue. Too bad his good deed causes a rip in her dress and leaves them both in a compromising position.

An injury forced Private Mark Ortega out of his dream career of serving his country in the Army. Now he sets his sights on opening a recruitment center for others to achieve that honor. A wealthy businessman holds the lease to the perfect location for the center. Unfortunately, when Mark is caught with the man’s daughter in a delicate situation, the deal is off.

With both their futures on the line, Honey proposes that she and the handsome soldier pretend to be in love. She’s certain her plan will unsuly her reputation and put Mark in front of potential donors for his cause. She just has to be sure and not forget the feelings between them are made up. Somewhere between learning which fork to use and how to waltz, Mark begins to find the beautiful debutante becomes less of a chore and more of a choice. 

Falling into each other may have ruined their plans. But falling for each other could alter their course…and their hearts.

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In His Good Hands

He’s a sergeant used to giving the orders. She’s a female politician determined to call the shots. To cut through bureaucratic tape, they pretend they’re in a relationship…but they just might stay stuck together!

Ginger Dumasse loves the community that rallied around her after her wealthy father turned his back on her. She’s given back her whole life and now she plans to lead by winning the State Senate race. But she’ll need to gain more support with veterans and married couples if she hopes to rise in the polls. Having a man like Sergeant Colin Chase on her arm might get her ahead. Too bad the two are complete opposites who argue every time they’re in the same room.

Chase turned from his family’s empire to serve his country. Now back on home soil, he’s finding that those he served don’t want him recruiting the next generation into the Armed Forces. He’ll need help from the local school board to gain access to speak to the youth for his JROTC and Recruitment Center. He knows the perfect person to help him, but the problem is the last time he reached out a hand to Councilwoman Ginger Dumasse, she read him the riot act. Still hasn’t kept him from remembering what her beautiful face looked like, even when her mouth disparaged everything he stands for.

When the public believes the two are dating, Ginger’s numbers rise in the polls and Chase begins to get invitations to places where he was unwelcome just a day ago. With the decision made for them, the two pretend to be together. But the more time these two opposites spend with each other, the more they realize they have in common. Including that fact that they just might make a perfect union.

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Light up his Life

When the town librarian saves a handsome lieutenant from walking while reading a book, it’s clear from the flashing hazard signs that these two are destined to fall accidentally in love.

Newly retired Lieutenant Luke Jackson needs to finish his latest military science fiction novel. His fans are clamoring for a love story for his heroine. Unfortunately for his readers, Luke has been unlucky love himself, until he is swept off his feet by the town’s librarian.

Elaine Reynolds loves classic literature that’s heavy on the moral lessons and lite on the love stories. A child of divorce, she prefers her routines to the unpredictability of a love affair. But when she saves a soldier from a near-death collision, the pages of her own story will become unbound and open to a revision.

From the moment Elaine and Luke collide, Luke knows she’s the one for him. But like childish fairytales and nonsensical Harlequins, Elaine doesn’t believe in love. Can the lieutenant get the librarian to check out a story from another side of the Dewey Decimal system?

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