The Rebel Royals

COVER King 2

He’s the king of his domain. She’s the queen of nap time. Can they learn to rule with their hearts?

Esmeralda Pickett reigns over the subjects in her kindergarten class. She’s probably the last adult who still believes in fairy tales because all the stories do for her young charges is put the kids to sleep. Esme dreams of being swept off her feet by a charming prince, so when she’s saved from the dangers of texting while walking by a real live king, she’s certain her storybook romance is set to begin. Though sparks fly between the king and the kindergarten teacher, the pages get stuck when Esme learns that the monarch can only marry a woman of royal blood. And while she’s a true blue New Yorker, her blood is as red as it comes.

King Leonidas’s first wife was selected for him at birth. Now a widower, Leo has the right to choose his second wife, but it won’t be the love match he’s secretly dreamed of making. The small country of Cordoba is facing an economic crisis, and marrying a rich duchess would secure his people’s future. But can his heart afford another loveless marriage?

As Esme and Leo get to know one another, it’s clear there’s a thing between them. But another thing— her lack of royal blood—is keeping them apart. As the clock ticks closer to midnight, will Esme get her storybook ending? Or will this fairytale turn grim?

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COVER Prince v2

A playboy prince looking to be taken seriously. A pastry chef with her sights on the main dish. Can a fake engagement serve up their just desserts? 

Prince Alexander, Cordoba’s notorious second son, was spared the burden of ruling the monarchy, much to the nation’s relief. His exploits around the world have made him tabloid fodder, so when he wants to pursue his dream of opening a fusion restaurant, no one takes him seriously. The only way to convince investors he’s a good risk is to secure his inheritance—which will only happen after he marries. Too bad Alex never intends to get married.

New York City pie maker, Jan Peppers was left at the altar on her wedding day. Even worse, she can’t afford to leave her business partnership with her ex and his new wife who toss salt in her wounds on the regular. Jan’s chance for freedom comes in the form of a deal with Prince Alex—become his chef and fake fiancée and open the restaurant they’ve both dreamed of. As luck would have it Jan never intends to walk down the aisle again.

Now they just have to convince the world that a playboy prince would fall for a plain Jane of a pie maker. As Alex and Jan plan the menu, feelings start to heat up in the kitchen. But if the truth of their fake engagement comes out, Alex’s investors will back out and Jan will face another humiliating jilting. Or maybe they’ll serve up a real relationship that’s something to savor for all time.

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COVER Duke v2

A dashing duke who needs to wed an heiress to save his ancestral home. A down and out DJ hoping to escape her past. The tables turn when these two opposites attract.

Diego Zhi Wen de Bernadino, the Duke of Mondego, vowed to never follow the blue blood tradition of marrying for money. Unfortunately, left in crippling debt by his profligate father, and with his mother and staff threatened with destitution, marrying for love is not an option. When a tech billionairess hosts a party in Cordoba, he’s determined to win her affection. But his prestigious education and mastery of four languages hasn’t prepared him for a party girl’s unique vocabulary—his big seduction gets lost in translation.

 DJ Spin d’Elle’s upbringing left her wary of the monied, noble class. Spin lives her life for the next party and gives away everything she doesn’t need. But when she meets the delicious duke, the record scratches and her tune changes. Though she agrees to help him woo her employer, she soon finds the music they make together is sweeter. With so much in common, will the duke and the DJ be able to remix their duet? Or will the pressures of money and duty cause the tune to fade out?

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COVER Marquis v2

When a marquis agrees to produce a female magician’s solo show, the two discover the feelings developing between them are no illusion. The trick will be on them when the sparks start to fly!

 Magician’s assistant Lark Voorheen is tired of seeing someone else in the spotlight. She’d rather jump inside the hat with the rabbit than have another wannabe wizard take credit for her hard work and ingenuity. Ready to finally take the wand in her own hand, she’s lucky to find a wealthy marquis eager to back her show. After years of witnessing the lack of respect given to female magicians, she’s determined that no one thinks she got her shot by lying on her back. But that will be a hard sell when her producer is a handsome, rich nobleman such as Omar, the Marquis of Navarre.

As a successful entertainment producer with a golden touch, Omar al Sharif has been used by talentless women stepping on his heart on their way up the ladder of success. But when he helps Lark take center stage, his attempts to freeze his growing feelings melt under the force of her star power.

Unable to deny their intense attraction, they agree to hide their relationship from prying eyes. Neither would be taken seriously if word of their affair got out. Lark’s dream will die if she loses credibility, and while Omar doesn’t fear for his business, losing the love of his life would cut him in two.

Can they pull off their biggest misdirection yet and convince the world they’re not together? 

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Princess COVERHe’s the hometown boy that did good. She’s the princess that got away. When she returns to her roots, can he make good on his second chance?

Principal Ron Kidd loves everything about education: the number two pencils, the unidentifiable lunches, the kids. But the more seasoned staff isn’t quite sure he’s up to the task and challenge his leadership at every turn. When his old crush returns home as a single mom with a troubled kid in tow, Ron is sure he can help Kylee’s daughter… and maybe get back into Kylee’s good graces as well.

Princess Kylee Bauer had her crown snatched from her before she was even born. With her father’s scandalous marriage and banishment from the royal family, Kylee has sworn never to walk on the wrong side of the road. Then she surprised everyone by running off with the town bad boy, getting married, and knocked up — not necessarily in that order. Now she’s back and desperate to finally succeed at something. She can’t take the chance another man will derail her from her dreams. But when Ron steps in to help her daughter, Kylee can’t help but notice her childhood friend has grown up — a lot.

To her daughter’s delight, a series of inexplicable, often hilarious, and a bit childish, circumstances keep pushing Kylee and Ron together until they decide to give in and give love a try. But dating the mother of a student puts Ron’s job at risk, and Kylee’s past threatens to wreak havoc on her new life. For Ron, the choice just might be the dream job or the dream girl. And Kylee’s track record of success isn’t great. These two will need a little help to let love find a place in their hearts.

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